We have been hauling watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydew and peaches from Campbell, Missouri and Kennett, Missouri again this year.  It is 192 miles one way to Campbell from Stuckmeyer's in Fenton.  We will continue this throughout the season until our melons are ready to pick.

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All melons are picked straight from the field onto farm wagons.  I pick what kind of melon I want to load on my truck and they pull the wagon to my truck to load.


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All melons are loaded by hand into bins on the truck.  Most of the melons were pick out of the fields the same day.

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          These pictures are taken after getting a load of cantaloupes from Kennett, Missouri.  Kennett is 20 miles south of Campbell.  There are a total of 290 cantaloupes on my truck.  We had to stack them carefully to make sure none of them rolled off!  A few of the cantaloupes are ten pounds!  I back my truck in the field where they were picking them in Kennett.  You can not get them any fresher than that!

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        A storm was approaching when I got back to the farm so we had to have the whole family help unload!